Nonchalant ughhh

Glimmer at the end of the tunnel
No more in nonage, incredulous
Withal certitude,end is peaceful
Leastways, way less painful
than ricocheting off of joyous positive
-and despairing negative like her idol
Harakiri, disparate the glimmer,more hopeful

The only thing she always yelled
For a chance to vicissitude, her girlhood
The rigmaroles and spiels she heard
Filled with wise words she reckoned
For enigmatic reasons they happened
Yet why me, she invariably questioned
To this day she remains unanswered.

Her thoughts alike this piece, disjointed
Rampant, regrets and inexorable retrogression
Insecurities, inane expectations, injuries
Serve as an impetus for lack of flow
A tight half out cork, she tries to pull
It moves just enough to keep her going
In the end she found comfort in the sound ughhh
Something not too verbose to tell the world how she feels.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a girl who’s trying to march ahead despite having a dark past. She struggles to articulate her feelings in a way the world around her understands.