Will the morning lark sing?


It is like nothing I've ever seen before
A sweeping of our souls
She cries for her children, I don't now how to console
I am home now, is it safe? I stare outside my window
The boys in the backyard play
At first I don't hear them, I am indifferent, the same
The days are longer, I like it, now I can play
I watch the show, the plot is getting thicker, gray
I don't like it anymore, they say I have to stay
I see their pain, but it hasn't reached me yet
Tyson keeps barking louder
I haven't seen them in a while, now here they are again
They are beautiful, my precious gems
We fuse and bond, an element never discovered before
We are the same, we share all that is known
Yet, outside, the green and withered burn
I feel ashamed for thriving as others are no more
Will the morning lark sing his song again?
I don't quite know, but I'm ok with that
Kim will be home soon, I miss her when she's gone
I'll rub her feet tonight, try to keep my word this time

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