Will Time Go On?

In retrospect, what is it you see
inside the glossy convection of a past gone by?
In the expiring memories of a time flown by,
with its steely wings and its otherworldly cry,
do you see? Do you see?
What is it you find
in the tunnels of your mind,
in the moving black and white pictures of time gone by?
Tell me, how many seconds will you give,
with the doubt of a life unlived?
Because tick tock goes the clock,
for it does not invest in your misguided walk
on the ribbons of the seasons
strung together for unknown reasons.
Ask yourself, what tickles your cords,
will you ignore it? Will you?
On your final bed will you rest,
with the ease of mind in knowest,
that you've done your best?
When you close your eyes for that eternal sleep,
will you be taken, taken by Universe's keep?
With the peace in your mind,
oh what will you find?
And when all is gone,
will time go on?
Will time go on?

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