Will You Cry for Me?

The little boy inside frequently asks that question.
There are painful reminders of what circumstance has done to me.
Everyone else is always in need but,who will cry for me where was
My father when my mom up and left us was there.
Ever a shoulder for me to cry on the simple things
Are the ones we take for granted all I want is.
My childhood back, I was forced to stand on my own.
The deck seems stacked all I want is my childhood
Is there anyone left out there who will stand and fight for me?.
Is it you, or is this wishful thinking again,so many trials and
Tribulations where should I begin,I've experienced great loss
At night I turn and I toss,but sleep escapes me,I beg for.
forgiveness,but no one answers me snatching me back.
From the edge of defeat,while simultaneously keeping me.
On the edge of my seat in suspense of what could be.
If you could just cry not for me but right along with me.
Can I ask you a few questions,I am dying to know the.
Answers too, What sacrifices have you made on my behalf.
When progress has been made will you turn a deaf ear that.
Is unable to hear my pain,or will you turn a blind eye that is.
Unable to see me try, Maybe that's the reason I'm unable to.
Cry,I'm on my knees asking myself why but answers will not
And my emotions are numb,again I ask the question would.
You cry for me if you could,or am I just a little boy.
Misunderstood, make no mistake about it I am what I am.
You are who you are, can you answer me this question .
Then, will you cry for me.
Because you see, I am unable to cry any more tears.

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