Will You Forget Me?

Will I forget the beautiful way you see life?
Forget the incredible person you are,
Forget your silly smile and dorky laugh-
Will I forget you?
Will we forget the love that we share?
Forget every kiss and every touch,
Forget all our dreams and wishes,
Forget every moment we had-
Will we forget us?
Will the world forget what we have?
Forget about our happiness,
Forget that I need you,
Forget to bring you back-
Will the world forget us?
Will you leave behind the girl you once loved?
Leave everything we could have been,
Leave the passion and commitment,
Leave behind every word we spoke,
Will you leave me behind and forget?
Forget the promises that we made,
Forget the change you made in me,
Forget the way that I loved you?
Fighting isn't easy,
Giving up is even harder.
Will you forget me?

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This Poems Story

Some people would rather live smoothly and have nothing ever wrong in their lives, but I'd choose for fifty percent of everything to go wrong in my life-because pain is the fuel in my writing. Pain makes me strong and gives me creativity. Pain is included in my poetry a lot, but this poem would not have been written if it wasn't for love. This poem is about a wonderful guy I loved and the fear of forgetting about each other when we were unexpectedly forced to separate by distance. Even today I still love you, Jonathin.