Will You Hold My Hand?

Will you hold my hand,
Across my wobbly bridge?
While I sway, the wood creaking
Beneath my bare feet?
The water is hurried,
Chasing the howling wind,
A sport I have become a master,
Yet an amateur
Because who can catch the wind?

Will you hold my hand,
Through my labyrinth woods?
While I become lost, the path uncertain
Beneath my worn feet?
The trees are moving,
Bending to the howling wind,
A game I once played,
Yet no more
Because who can always bend?

Will you hold my hand,
On my way home?
While I smile, the sight overwhelming
Beneath the earnest feet?
The gate shining gold,
Blocking the howling wind,
A state of mind I practice,
Yet with no more need
Because who can block wind when it is
no more?

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