Will You Let Me Fly?

Lord, why has this desire stayed?
A life style which dismayed
The few who I have told.
A journey on the road,
Living by simplicity,
Sleeping under the lights of the city,
Or better yet, the night sky
Letting the hours go by
With no hurries, no appointments,
Or a job that only brings disappointments.
Detachment from material objects,
Bound the kindness of God's subjects.
Free to go with the wind,
Taking me wherever it wishes.
Learning from the wise;
Instructing the naive,
A life dedicated to believe
That loving and serving
Those who surround me,
Whether rich or poor,
Smart or fool,
Will fill my soul with liveliness.
My Lord, is this just a dream?
A vain hope balancing in the beam
Of my own desire and your will?
Hear me Father, for what I write
Slowly becomes a prayer, a request,
For what I think might satisfy me.
School is my passion;
but meaningless salaries, a home, a bed?
Sir, ease my thirst, have compassion.
See my blood, thick and red,
My heart pumping, eager to leave
A society so materialistic and sinful.
Hear me Lord, for I am dying to be free.
Liberated from need.
I am a bird who hates land,
Where all the creatures who don’t understand
What it means to fly dwell.
I have become the richest of the rich,
For physical comfort I do not reach,
Nor I seek; What I want has no price:
A bed of concrete, a streetlight to adorn.
Let food become a privilege,
And let the rain wash me clean.

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