Will You Still Be There When I Awaken?

In the quiet of night, shadows play,

A fear awakens, heart in disarray.

Sleep brings a worry, a haunting scare,

Will you linger when I wake, or vanish in thin air?

Eyes reluctant to close, afraid to part,

Dreams may steal you, tearing at my heart.

Morning's light, a hesitant embrace,

Will you greet me there, or leave an empty space?

The fear of waking, alone and cold,

A tale of love, uncertain and untold.

Yet, in this abyss, a fragile trust remains,

That you might stay, as sorrow deepens its chains.

Awaiting in shadows, where despair resides,

Hoping you'll be there when the morning abides.

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    This Poems Story

    Trauma being left abandoned when I always fell asleep.