Weeping Willow, why do you hide your face?
Has love departed to run and chase,
Will he find another to take your place?
You loved him with all your heart,
Only to be left alone, believing ..
You two would never part.
Your head hangs low..
To hide the tears from your eyes.
You never knew of good-byes.
Sadness is all you feel, as your heart longs to heal.
Longing to close yesterday’s door, aching to the core.
Time continues on by, your head drops lower,
Ignoring the blue sky.
Heaviness is all you know, so hard to let him go.
Holding tightly to what use to be,
Praying your love will come back for thee.
Many come to sit beneath your branches of shade, but...
You don’t notice the laughter that is made.
Hands pull and swing upon your limb..
You cannot feel their touch, your heart so grim.
You don’t feel the wind moving your leaves of green..
Past, present , future are cruel and mean.
Eyes closed, you hang your branches low ,
Releasing your heart to let go..
Knowing you will weep forever , love has left
And will not return... no never.

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