Winding Path of Life

Watching the bright lights ahead of us
Should we stand still in the dark?
It's a lesson presented by life
Not to shy away from it and die
A long gap from here to there, yes
And will be complete in the growth of time
Inevitable, it appears to be
That dreaded winding path of life
Could we possibly have undone
The forces that turned so winding?
Uncontrollable they withstand
The attempts that oft drain our strength
Though we ponder constantly about it
It seems to possess a teasing eye
Time, it says, advised and pushed
With the forces that proved indomitable
So, now we stand in the dark
and trudge towards that bright light ahead
With the eyes sharply focused on it
Must we take slow steps forward
That has an unseen messenger hidden
Which spreads a mystery veil of peace
Equipping us to conquer that time
When we find the time well-conquered
We'll find the lesson well-conspired

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