Windup Doll

I feel as though I'm a windup doll.
trying to please you as you wind me.
I'm trying not to fall.
Every time you wind me up I can't seem to dance for you.
trying to satisfy you .
always blew up in my face.
like being spat at after wiping it off;
there's no trace.
As a woman, I still try over and over to be the one.
until i blow up.
I feel as a million stars in a galaxy.
till I get my way.
believe me someone will will pay.
Still i make believe,
I'm not in love with you.
just infatuated with your manly lust.
Sometimes though, I do become alone.
that's when you come into my picture.
I wind up your windup doll.
And you wind me until I fall.

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