Wine to Weeds

Your words have become a sweet red wine that makes me drunk.
I wait for each small drop not knowing when it's going to
Touch my lips and roll down my tongue.
Each small word you speak fills my sparkling crystal glass
Until it's overflowing
Staining my heart making me dizzy with each small word I drink up.
I grow drunker and dizzier with the anticipation that grows
Inside me as I wait for you to give me one more drop.
I despise myself for letting you suffocate me by drowning me
With your words.

My affection for you has grown out of control due to
Your vile words that I love so much.
It grows like weeds around a flower, climbing my stems,
Pulling at my leaves, climbing higher
Trying to suffocate each of my delicate petals.
Wrapping around my heart and pulling it down into
The depths of the earth.

What will happen when the words from your lips
Touch mine, will you feel the struggle I have had,
Will you taste the wine you have spilt, will you
Taste the words you have said.
Will you release my soul and heart from your suffocating grasp
Or will I have you in my grasp and will I drown you with my words.

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