As their feathers blew away
And love like water filled their eyes
They stared away in to forever
An eternity lost in tears
Hands held tightly, never breaking
Heads turned up to a midnight sky
Falling stars like diamonds passed them
Marking the earth where they fell
Unfulfilled wishes buried in the ground
Planted now awaiting morning
The glorious sun feeding their awakening
Bringing to life a second chance
He picks up hope grown from stardust
And carries it back to where she waits
Once more hands tie and eyes lock strongly
She smiles at he who keeps her heart
He holds more tightly to her body
She speaks in song to her beloved
Each word a lullaby leaving sweet her lips
He speaks in light to his beloved
Each word a flame in places dark
They stare down softly at their promised hope
Then back up to a sleepy sky
The clouds of day fading slowly
Giving way to the chill of night
He closes his hand around her own
As she puts another over the fallen hope
Closing eyes weary from sorrow
They wish in words unspoken
Each knowing what the other craves
Another chance to be together in the endless sky
Closed eyes and hands
Ever open hearts
They stand alone awaiting release
An escape from shackles unseen but felt
They long now only to be together
Unbound by time in the eternal heavens
At long last they feel their hope fulfilled
As wings white and endless flourish anew
They open wide their freedom
A promised gift born of falling hope
At long last they find their way back home
Flying higher than even the stars can reach
Together forever in dreamless flight
Their love like hands held strong
Eyes no longer clouded by tears of sorrow
Their bodies eternally lost in a sea of night
She smiles at him
And she is the sunlight and warmth in his heart
He smiles at her
And he is the moonlight and strength in her soul
She is the grace of day that let grow their seed of hope
He is the beauty of night that let fall a star of promise
Together they bring balance to places unseen
And in them a love most beautiful sleeps
She is the day
He is the night
They are the sky
Eternal and endless
As a love like heaven burns within them
Like falling stars and radiant suns
Voices heard and wishes granted
Two fallen angels
Bound in love

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