You've always been there to wipe my tears,
even through all of these tough years.
If I could give you just a few things,
I'd give you a chance to find your wings.

Because when you gave birth
and I fell to Earth
I landed upon your wings and thought,
this is exactly what it's worth.

I soared through the sky upon your wings
it was almost as if we were hanging on strings.
And when we went over my first rainbow
I swear I saw your face glow.

That first song you sang to me
just made me feel like I was free.
Remember that first book we ever read?
Those words still stick in my head.

We were wild and crazy, yes that was true
but it seemed as if I grew into you.
You're the angel I love so much
and with the strength of your tough;

You gave me my wings.

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