I hope you remember the stars
and how close we got to them
but now there are scrapes on my knees
and bruises on my elbows from falling in love
With no one to catch me
And when I fell,
My glass heart shattered on the grass
And the oxygen left my lungs
So instead I breathed in the night sky
as a black and white bird flew through and
Stole the rose gold tint of my eyes
And now I am alone behind a veil of tears
Because you, angel, you promised me the world too young
then cut off my wings
And I've been giving away the splintered pieces
of my heart one by one
To boys who don't deserve it and girls who don't understand
for they fear the sharp edge in my eyes
And my hands are cold as ice
but I know now that lungs are made from stardust
and I believe that me and him were cut from the same star
and we are destined to be sewn back together
while you and I are from different galaxies

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