Wings of an Eagle

Way above the mountain so high.
I'm constantly reaching for the sky.
Never giving up even through the toughest of times.
Giving it all I got, even when the sun doesn't shine.
Stretching out my arms to the heavens up above.
Constantly seeking for that everlasting love.

Out from nowhere came hope from inside.
Forgiving me for my past and tucking away my pride.

Against all odds I know that I will make it through the rain.
Never surrendering that fighting desire to take me through the pain.

Embracing every moment in life to one day conquer my dream.
A sweet and savoring gift from God, as sweet as peaches and cream.
Gifted by my Heavenly Father to know my purpose in life.
Wiping clean my sinful deeds and taking away my strife.
Living to rise each and every day, refusing to sink anymore.
Excelling like the wings of an eagle, forever I will soar.

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