Wings of Jade

As her wings of jade float, ever so swift and elegantly
They glisten, basking in the warmth of all the love shown to her
Carrying the burden of a thousand moons
She keeps fighting, slicing through the air
Gliding with wings of jade to carry her on
All the busy bees wish she would be their queen
Sashaying through valleys of silver and gold
Her most precious treasure, like nectar from Heaven
Are her wings of jade floating through the sea
Swooping through the air, like a lion pounces on his prey
Fluttering with joyfulness in her own splendor
Bouncing on the tippy-top of the of the clouds-oh, what a wonder!
She lands on my finger and does a little jig
Oh, how I admire and envy her! Such a lucky, graceful thing!

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