Wings Up High (Her Make-up)

I notice how you wear your wings up high
There's no wings on your back but the artificial beauty on your face
Flies higher than your emotional tracts
And I don't know why
You would subject your true beauty to the likes of near plastic
Rose colored cheeks upon low self esteems
And hopeless cries for help
I ask you, to not settle behind a veil of lies
For every lie marked across your face he tells a lie of I love you
It was in his mouth but it was not his once it left his lips
She has her hand up his back playing ventriloquist saying I love you
And I didn't even make eye contact with her
It's just I looked back and felt all the pretend to be memories
And broken love all in one shrug and I
I didn't know how to make sense of it all
These restrictions of intimacy are tormenting
Forwarding the outright implication
That things cannot be because of the way you are, the way you dress
Or the way that you seem from the outside
Or a deeper broken connection
Of triangular love aggression involving a stranger and you and I
I notice how you wear your wings up high

You've got it all wrong
It's just that today I was thinking you looked rather nice
And I didn't want to compliment you without saying goodbye.

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