Winner to this Dangerous Game?

Who Will Be The Winner To This Dangerous Game?

Abducted into your seductive eyes,
you will be the master of demise;
to the burning beating in my mind.
The truth cannot be eluded,
when I'm trapped under your wrath, secluded.
You know just how to break me down.
I am victim when you come around.
I am stricken by your sudden sound.
Am I sensationally incorrect,
or am I just a nervous wreck?
You know what's going on, reading me like a letter.
I'm torn to pieces in your romance shredder.
I crave you,
I am breaking so many rules.
Have I become your fool?
I am hypnotically driven,
to your sinful religion.
You string me along, I'm your pretty puppet.
I know I shouldn't let you but fuck it.
We could close this case,
but the tasty temptation cannot be replaced.
I'm busting out of my underwire,
you've set my chest on fire.
I'm burning up in your sexy flame.
Say my name.

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