Winsome Knight

In the dark corner with not much reflecting of light,
You are there feeling petrified and somewhat mystified.
Thinking, should you stay by my side?
Or should you just let me go this time?

You were once my winsome knight,
I most prayed for every night.
But turns out to be the dreadful one,
Short enough which leads me to yelp from fright.

The pain in my chest gets worsen,
Hurting me is not really your intention.
Leaving me is your only decision,
But my winsome knight, you can't blame me cause I wanted myself to just hold on.

We promised to take care of each other,
A reason for me to become braver.
People say that I'll end up like a fool,
But here I am at your worst waiting for our love again to bloom.

Remember the day that you once told me?
The day where our fondness was at the first edge.
You told me that by how much at odds you have with me,
You knew in your heart of hearts that you still do love me.

Even loving and needing ourselves in some ways,
We've never agreed to walk away.
Staying together to be strong,
Help each other while in downfall.

They can say whatever they want,
Cause it's our spiel to start again.
As well as for our bewitching story to end,
For our scars to heal very soon when it's time for our love again to bloom.

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