Cool breeze on the winter's dawn.
In the woods, a little fawn.
Blankets of wool-like snow
From the sun, a soft golden glow.
The birds sing as an angelic choir.
In the cabin, a warm and toasty fire.
Ants burrowed far beneath the ground.
The woods stand eerie without a sound.
Nature lures me with her soothing voice.
I followed her as if without a choice.
Howling of wolves fill the air.
Rabbits prance around without a care.
I stopped to consider where I go.
My mind slowed by the kiss of the snow.
Tall mountains capped with frost
An old stump rotted with moss.
My troubles and my concerns began to freeze.
I took a moment to rest by a tree.
Cotton clouds float majestically overhead.
They smoothly drift as if on a sled.
All sensation departed from my thumbs.
I find it strange, I feel numb.
As I took a final look,
I gazed into the peaceful little brook.
My eyes heavy, I lay down without a peep,
Soon to depart into soft eternal sleep.

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