Nature is waiting, silent to you and me
Just beyond the frozen glass
As dormant as a solid snow-tipped sea
Whispering hints of life gone past

The brown tries hard to break through the white
Endless days wondering "How long 'twill last?"
Soft white flakes whisper "No end in sight".
Only the bitter wind sprints sharp. and fast

The branches of the Maple strain beneath the burden of ice
Like old bones they're brittle and break
Snap just once, forbidden the chance for twice
Scars that adorn her bark do her character make

Sleep lies just beneath the blanket of the season
Green life banished for a long, long time
Does truth know to understand reason?
Between slumber and death lies a very fine line

For now, Winter's grasp will slowly fade
The Spring Sun will return to shine
The ice-ridden branches will again offer shade
And life again shall be yours and mine

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