The towering structure standing in the clearing.
It's limbs reaching in every direction.
Small red and orange leaves drifting down,
Falling so they could fertilize another growth.

The cloudy sky, dark with rain clouds.
It looked as if it was crying.
I wondered why it was so sad.

I walked up to the towering tree,
Wanting it to keep it leaves so that it could live on.
I felt bad for all of the trees.
They all died every year,
All I wanted was for them to keep growing.

In a way, I guess their death is a beautiful thing.
It fertilizes the growth of more trees.
It's just such a shame that they have to go.
Leaving nothing but a colorless, barren landscape,
For months on end.

I guess this is why the sky is so sad.
God is sad to see all of the color leave his creation,
I's as if the land is dying in a way.

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