Winter Blues

The frost dusts over rolling hills
Flowers long dead, the grass dull.
It climbs up trees and kills the leaves
The frost so cold it nips my toes.
The ice begins to build
Sharp and slick upon the roads,
Winter seeps into my bones
Snow blanketing my soul.
No jacket seems to warm my core,
No scarf can help the breaths I take.
Gloves can not save my hands
As the wind steals my fingertips.
And I am no longer in control of it
It settles over my heart and I-
I can no longer feel it beat.
A sorrow so cold I cannot breathe,
My lungs have frozen solid underneath.
I am not a human now
But a husk instead,
I am a frozen soul
Stolen from the green hills of my home
And winter will not leave my head
So I let the frost spread.

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