Winter Has Come

Breathe in the cold, crisp air.
Taste its taste and smell its smell,
Of decaying leafs and melting snow.
Winter has come and Autumn gone.

The water in the pond has frozen,
The fish have all descended,
And the geese have all flown south.
See that winter has come.

Chilling, biting, and invigorating.
Feel the wind on your skin,
Hear it whistle and howl.
It's all a sign, winter has come.

It can be tasted, smelled, seen, felt, and heard.
It's in the air, the ground, the water, the life.
It’s the cold, the ice, and the snow.
It's winter, and it has come.

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This Poems Story

Winter Has Come, well... at least I was cold when this was written.