Winter in March

By Shroomy   

A thick cold blanket fallen over the town
Has dressed every being in a white heavy gown.
Some have run and hid in holes,
Others froze in stiffened blocks.

Gray is the sky and so is the earth,
The horizon molding in an endless fort.
The emptiness of streets pressuring the soul
To stay in and contemplate the meaning of all.

But in all this darkness I'm searching for my truth
And plan on an adventure of how to live my youth.
As I step outside I have to squint my eyes
To see the beauty in a distorted world of lies.

A thick white blanket crunches under my feet
And I find the coldness to offer me relief.
The time has come for me to go and fly
'Cause winter in March is my last chance to try.

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This Poems Story

Winter in March has been seen as something distructive that holds people in captivity, but I realize that just because this season decieved us doesn't mean we can't enjoy it and live it. Winter, my favourite season, passed like it was never there, but March showed me that I have one last chance to go out there and do someting.