Winter in the City

Snowflakes drifting from the nighttime sky
Gusts of winds blowing the snow it caught by
Creating a peaceful, dream-like scenery
Like how a newborn babe's dreams be.

All is coated by a soft, radiant white
Bathed in the delicate, yellow glow of a streetlight
So calm are the streets outside
As the snow festers and multiplies.

Winter conquers all of the city's streets
Chilling and slowing its vigorous heartbeats
Creating a wonderland to admire
A Jack Frost's winter empire.

Icy winds rattle the windowpanes
And shake the doors in their frames
But cannot prevail against our homes
So instead it just relentlessly blows.

While I watch in the comfort of my fortress
Protected from one of nature's greatest forces,
I admire the snow's white beauty,
Which comes when it's winter in the city.

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