Winter Mountain With The Snow Hill

I come here to you at the cold fronts of the mountains walking now snow is falling.
We will shiver in the dear presence of each other in snowy trees to
stay safe from the freeze.
We made a bonfire together we need circulation sounding of the heat we need fill the cave. While we planned and seek she camped there for days on end.

Through the harsh wind intense has been but meant here just for us to spend
no one else to as.
I was bruised taken care of not just money but us with each other
not far from a city or several.
Us it has been together for several hours while it begins to turn day to night sunset sighting; we've talked about our hopes and dreams that are inviting.

The exciting we had raw foods such as fish we ate new
from the icy lake and moose that we for hours scavenge to look about.
Also while trying to avoid a pack of wolves in the dense snow.
We hoped as we will cook and laugh smoke over the fire with warmth.

We stare each other with in depth reception ocean blue
aesthetic ardent for the close.
Then gradually into each other's eyes of green infinite our minds our souls our bodies
that connected.

It begins as we sat here without a doubt of fear or stress.
This while we get close of enough close of near to rest;
holding hands laying down under our blankets together it's the best.

All covered up and warm and cozy in this cold weather.
Slowly as I rub my hand through her hair down to your back hugging you with care.
The same way you are hugging me lovely now we stare
ourselves into a kiss temperatures flare between us.

Then onto sleep overnight knowing together we are alright that we will
still be in the afterlife this moment.

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This Poems Story

This is about a couple in a snowfall stall. It is a blizzard out and they did whatever necessary to survive. Until the ominous passes'.