Winters Whisper

By Sana B.   

The white snowfall blankets covers up the town.
Children oh so cheerful, running around.
Snow surfing in the air outside.
While children create snowmans, and as snowballs collide.
Carrots as noses, buttons as eyes.
That's something about winter I cannot despise.
Boots shuffling through the snow.
Entering my house, as the lumiere lights glow.
The smell of the coco filling the air.
Sitting beside me is my jolly Santa bear.
Hot chocolate arrives with marshmallows fresh.
I sip the relaxing, hot, reviving drink and take a bite of large soft marshmallow as it melts in my mouth what a delish!
As night falls, the days are short.
But tomorrow is going to be another fun day on the hockey court.

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