I have felt pain to where I didn't know what to do,
It was Gods way of saying, I'm gonna be using you,
I have lost jobs with no income coming in,
It was Gods way of saying,
I got something better for you my friend,
I've had relation ships fail and hurt me to the core,
It was Gods way of saying,
I have someone better for you in store,
The search for wisdom does come at a price,
And you will go through things that aren't very nice,
But remember what you went through and how it did end,
And you might use that as advice, for a stranger or a friend,
You gain more wisdom, the longer you live,
And there's a lot of us out there,
That are willing to give,
So sit down with old folks, and pick there brain,
And if you listen real close, some wisdom you might gain.

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