Wisdom and Riches


Wisdom is the one that gives and never takes profitable
To direct
Many are able
We are all in need of good monetary elect
And this architecture of money being effect
Wisdom and riches the better is smiling but rich one

Wisdom is the one that gives and never takes and is profitable
To direct
Money may get wings and fly silently like the Seagulls
But wisdom stays forever and is a delight
Wisdom and riches the better one is smiling but which one

Riches brings her daughters
Comfort, rest and fun
But with riches you buy a bed
But not sleep
A beautiful woman
But not true love
Joy it governs not you for
Its daughter is as bad as a shrew
A pervert always lamenting with an untrue grin
For it gives temporal
Happiness but joy faileth

Riches brings her daughters
But never do they marry
They never cooperate with any one
Harlotry is there name
And prostitution there game

So know we know
Know we understand
That with Wisdom comes the ability to hold unto affluence forever in its time
But riches last not the way it should neither be it a joy giver
So the smile of wisdom is as divine attribute
the ultimate smiling face that last for lifetimes
Wisdom always wins and always smiles
Even through eras
Periods and it smile even makes darkness
Run to łughter
For the light of wisdom shines in the darkness and
The darkness comprehendth it not

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