Wise Advice

Dear child, why do you dream?
Why do you close your eyes?
Why not let yourself fall back
So you can enjoy these lies?
Why not experience paradise?
Forget what is wrong.
Ignore all the pain and the tears,
And of course, the mockingbird's song.
You do not know the people that suffer,
So what do you care?
Let us have fun and play, leave them!
Leave them with their burden to bear.
Let us speak profanity, put on makeup,
Have our way and do as we please.
Let them work hard and earn nothing
While we waste our lives with ease.
Oh, child, I am old and wizened,
And what I speak is true.
Though it may not be good for others,
I promise it is good for you.
Follow me child, to bliss, to joy,
After life, it is with me you shall dwell.
See? See where such selfish delight brings you!
You are with me now in the fiery depths of Hell.

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