Wise, Weathered, Fragrant Tree

The tree is there, silently calling. Standing firm where she sprouted decades ago, she grew and became strong, weathering years of storms threatening her existence. Now she beckons, come near, come near.

Hear her rustling leaves summon you in the quiet breeze. Lay your cheek on the cool, weathered bark that protects her from the cold of winter. Close your eyes, inhale her fragrance, make her part of you, she will share her strength and resilience.

Sit with this old tree, feel her roots reaching far down into the earth, keeping her steady and tall. Trace her branches against the sky, reaching as far as they can, each branch on its own arc, supporting busy birds and chattering squirrels. Embrace her, she will share her vibrant life.

Share with this old tree your long-held wistful dreams, and now your secret plans, still wistful, perhaps. She will you teach you how to hold strong, how to grow.

Whisper to the tree, tell her your sorrows. She is old and wise and has seen children play, lovers quarrel, watched others mourn. Share your fears with her, she will give you hope and encouragement.

The sky grows dark, a barred owl hoots, time for you to leave his home, this lovely, old tree. One last time, embrace her, give her your heart and borrow her courage. And whisper farewell to the wise, weathered, fragrant tree.

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