Wish I Can Say

Had never been one to stay quiet, my mind speaks when it needs to express
My voice has long demanded attention and guided my listeners to their own success
So why do I struggle to mutter a thought, to ask the question that will confirm my choice
I’m paralyzed when you are near, like some enchantment that took away my voice
It is illogical that I could be this mute and when you leave me I’m full of regret
For not having the boldness to tell you what I practiced in the mirror, or did I just simply forget?
I write these words down, these questions, these phrases and makeup the dialogue I wish will take place
But once you get here the moment is so special that I worry my dialogue will break the embrace
You see me as confident, determined and brave and usually id’ agree with your perception
For when you are gone I crumble in fear that you will soon see through my deception
O how I wish I had courage to tell you all that I feel and ask you if you would feel the same way
To tell you I love you and want to be yours forever, I wish I can say, I wish I can say.

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This Poems Story

This poem is just a glimpse of the struggle I have with entering a new relationship.