Wish To Stop

Why try to build me up?
If you just tear me down again.
Why tell me that I am so beautiful,
and hate I'm not polished or golden?
Why would you give it all so freely,
then take acting like I was rude to ask?
When you wrap your loving arms around me,
it seems like such a difficultly hard task.
I know you know my true devotion to you.
The pureness or my love deeply clear.
Yet every time I let down my guard,
the demonic voices suddenly appear.
There are so many things I wish for,
and many more I hope to come true.
Yet for every want and wish to have,
there is a worry and fear with it too.
I hate the way the voices just know,
exactly what to say to break me.
Make my head start spinning asking,
Will I feel this all of my eternity?

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