Some people say that all wishes come true.
But in a wish there is unlimited value.
You can't just tell a star what you need
Or hope that you'll get something by doing good deeds.
There are so many wishes all over the world.
Some shouted out and some never told.
In every person there's a wish in their heart
But to get it out you may need a jumpstart.
Soon enough they pile up,
‘Til our minds become corrupt.
We need to learn
That too many wishes can get us torn.
Greedy wishes will get us nowhere
But grind our hearts beyond repair.
A few simple wants is nothing to fear
But don't let your eagerness get too near.
Or you may find yourself back where you started --
Feeling alone and terribly deserted.
Now look at yourself, what do you see?
Are you hoarding your wishes and desire to flee?
If you are, no need to worry;
God understands and responds to your sorry’s.
Just ask him today if your wants are many.
He’ll help you realize if you have any.
Just remember not to have piles of longings.
Talk to God instead of stalling.

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