"Wishing For Love"

As the soft wind blew through her hair.
She gleamed upon the ground with despair.
As she looked for her love to be.
There was no one of that she could see.
As the night had grew dark.
Her heart had fallen apart.
There was a shinning star above.
The only thing she could wish for was love.
As the star fell from the sky.
She thought of him as she closed her eyes.
When she had opened them at last.
A dark figure stood among her as she gasped.
Her eyes grew soft as she starred.
He was like an angel walking down from heaven's stairs.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a girl who could never find her one and only love, she searched and searched for her true heart rush of a man. After one night a wishing upon a little shooting star, her night in shinning armor had appeared with wings upon his back.