Why is this tear
Coming out my left eye
Leaving the left sad of my face numb
If you going to punch, aim for the left side
I am just playing
The heart love vengeance
More so than the mind
I like playing stick up
My favorite role is the robber
I am not robin hood
Some will consider
I mean entertain the thought
Of a savage being
I got to go soon
Don’t plan on writing
About my free thoughts

The story of history is
Contained by a rich text
A doctrine written by dollar signs
Man prefers freewill but chases chains
Than motherfuckers made that into envy
My creed is that of loyalty
If only i can stop my growth
Maybe if i was blind
If i could walk through the fire
Walk on mountains
Shoot my weapons

I was never into songs
Psalms portraying great health
The wise hide their knowledge
By force for fear of retaliation
the nation fountain is dry

The unjust seek justice
Until power is given
Eyes open wide
enough for

Please give me back life
And take back your death
Please give me back truth
And take back your lies

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