Witch in the Marsh

Meaning of it all stalled she has been from all the world.

She would become after finding herself gone;
With no help alone witch in the woods are sad Marsh.

To bad the mad are these spells too are to cast so the strenuous;
Those won't know the cost to trap be;
With this ritual the soul will not be last in this creature path.

To the past unforgiven malevolent divine status in search of answers from the creator himself.
That had been a drag not successful to explain the suffering from in a shaped glass water;
Over a pentacle with candles lit foreign in dad.
Him it is little to be known about.
She missed about this was a good that she became to believe.
Gone off him a limb torn separation from bitterness found shaping techniques.
The sitter lashed at herself overwhelmed in effort to find the way to tranquility, her peace of mind but far gone was it already left.

Never to see any of it all her growth again spiteful in her tree.
It must have not been merry to seek out this disdain upon life she will beat, easily to exit her pain through the bewitchment.

Her fear that sought after the action of processes for years eight centuries to be exact.

In a moment went to relaspe after another about harming children and grown ups, come that will of her mother was also a witch to discover her tooken away from her face.

As an orphan as a child raised in an all girl house hold.
Now at last awoke dead they are both erased.

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This Poems Story

It is about a girl who is on a flight to self discovery and purpose of being.