With An Open Eye

each morning after the sun has crept through my blind's cracks
as the plump dew rests on my window's glass
and when I lay obliviously on my back

the reality of the new day jots my placid mind
I am no longer aloft in dreams
my eyes open and confront everything that they find

without fail this happens still I have no control
I must leave my sleep
it is absence that keeps things whole

as my eyes decode the light and it's kaleidoscope image
I place my feet firmly on the ground
these steps are my feet's scrimmage

with my feet as my foundation
I assemble into my posture
this position will diminish penetration

of negative thoughts and complains of have-nots
penetration of defeat and fear of being incomplete

for awaiting me at night will be my retreat
into a world I always greet
where I am at rest with my mind and what I remember from who I meet

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