With Fruit Flies…

It's all Beetlejuice

Unwanted intrusions, self-proclaimed bioexorcists, uncouth earthworms

What's more Michael Keaton
than a gnat with two black eyes?
More exterminator than the destroyer of my sanity?

The drosophila melanogaster lingering around the house
makes a poor and futile butcher

A ripe Winona Ryder bride haphazardly SWats at idle flies
Meandering neanderthals that have nowhere to go
but everywhere

They wait in the stains on the coffee table, in cupboards,
on the pillow with the stripes, rosy like a nursery rhyme

Summon them and they will come
Don't summon them and they will come

fruit flies
fruit flies
fruit flies

I don't even remember the last time I bought
an apple

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