Make way
The royal family is on the move
Everyone is feeling gay
Engulfed by the joy that comes with the fruit of their firm resolve

A time comes for dispersal
And yet another for gathering in
In the previous was an aggression arousal
Some threw the towel in the bin

But here we have those who stayed through
In the turmoil
And kept their head above the drowning goo
Hence they earned the spoils,

The territory and all its extra dishes.
In their hands, lies the scepter to make things happen,
“As the majesty wishes”.
At their feet is a harpoon

To assure the best
Never settling for less
But always making a crest
As good as mine is your guess

Go on your highnesses
The earth is your subject, rule
Its best is yours, harness
You represent a stool

A stool of majesties
Strut it

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