Gentleness! what a gentleness i see,
Deep inside you there's a gentleness glowing
ever so brightly,
peeping out in your smile and winking at the world
through those precious eyes,
you show it when you flirt then let it run and hide.
I see it when you laugh and feel it when you cry,
the love and compassion of your heart shown just a
glimpse from whats inside,
don't hide this tenderness so deep with-in,
promoting other features that camouflage the greatest
beauty ain't that a Sin,
the blessings of your body like the softness of your skin,
silky long hair, bold curves and tenderness of your touch
or the sweet sent of your buttercup doesn't mean as much,
it's the Gentleness inside you that makes you ooh so
like the butterfly kiss when ever you let her shine.
a man trapped defenselessly soul set despair,
whole world shaken flipped and turned completely around.
a look of a Geisha will turn a mans head,
you my sis-ta can raise a man from the dead.
you reap what you sow with those hips and them thighs
but the man you should keep falls for the beauty
that lives so deep inside.

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