With or Without Wings

Philosophy, it captured me, it found a piece of mind
I thought was lost...I paid the cost to leave it all behind
So up I go, or down so slow; I don't choose it at all
My wicked ways brought bitter days and set me up to fall
I withered while I watched myself, I watched just like a child
'Cause that's what I am: I am condemned to walk the longest mile
But not free from sin; the beast within, it calls to me at night
To fight the urge, to cut and purge through what I know is right
Then comes hate, to reject its fate, and transform into love
I've seen it done, the war was won...there's Holiness above
I want my thoughts to untie knots and put out this bitter fire
And use in me the good they see, to build a strong empire
I want dirt to turn to gold-and tears, please turn to snow
'Cause when it's white, I'll sleep at night and learn to let things go
Please don't push, please don't shove, just please be good and glowing
So I can see the good in me, 'cause right now it's not showing
Don't hide behind your unchanged mind, stand up and lets all pray
I see a sign-it's yours not mine-I'm stronger every day
Even when I break and crash, I'm yet but stronger still
And then revive to live alive, to be better is my will
To see what's new while black and blue is worth it to have learned
If I die alone, let it not be unknown-all of evil's flags are burned
Tell them I died, with a light inside, that showed the passion within
Say be strong, Heavens not gone, and your journey is not at its end

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