With Pleasure

I mold so easily into the drug that seems to repair me.
I shape so quickly into the drug that seems to fix me.
Uncollected pieces, I fiend for a fit.
Rules I must follow, fuck that shit.
I hold my head heavily, bracing myself in this disease;
Just silence the insensitivity.
Bottled tears unleash.
A pill, just a sideshow,
intermission from the war I'm living,
Trains of shame echo.
Can't seem to let go.
Without a doubt I am tipsy
off of lies and pain they gave me.
Without a doubt I am iffy,
but for now this drug shall take me.
I'm blocking out the voices that make me weak,
popping another sweet candy treat
from a pocketful of retreat.
An escape from facing.
I'm wanted, but for all the wrong things.
My blood is now racing,
sight is fading.
I'm seeing double-trouble,
but it comes in threes.
Another pill accompanies.

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