With Tear-Filled Eyes

He held a gun to her head
With tear-filled eyes he looked at her and said,
"Why, oh, why can you not see
This love you hold for me can never be-
For I have brought you nothing but misery."
She looked up at him with eyes full
Of hope and joy and said,
"I have said it once, and I will say it again:
This love I hold will never end, for as long
As my heart is beating, it is with you I shall remain.''
He kissed her forehead and said,
"Then, I must set you free from all this pain''
She placed her hand upon his and said,
"If that is what you wish," and pulled the trigger...
He woke in sweat, his heart was racing. He got to his feet,
He checked to see if she was okay; she looked up at him and said,
"I love you, sweetheart, it was just a dream.
Now please, oh please, go back to bed."

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