With the Shadows

I'm in the forest, I'm all alone,
No one's home, no one's home.
I follow the lit path of the moon,
Humming along to my mundane tune.
I hear my simple monotonous tone-
No one's, no one's home.
My hands glide along the grandfather tree,
The crunchy leaves under my feet.
I skip along to my heartbeat drone-
No one's home, no one's home.
The darkness spreads-I'm covered in despair,
The little voices are expunged from my head.
Upon the sorrow and the bare human eye,
I am revived with the colors of life.
And yet upon the glossy eyes, and wistful stares,
The shadows emit, with their dark haunting glares.
And I knock again with bells in my head,
We were always here-they chanted and said.
My dear, you just lost your head
but no need to worry
It was your imagination that fled.
As I snapped back into life,
I felt myself emerge from the shadow's disguise.
Feeling so much wiser-even though time hadn't aged,
I lay my head upon the window frame
Drifting back, off into sleep
I began to count the white sheep.
I'm all alone and knocking once again,
No one's home, no one's home.

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