With the Stars

I sat ten steps ahead of the stars,
my head as high as it could be held.
They glistened as a love like ours,
and shined as they excelled.

They grinned at me as I gazed,
and I laughed at their innocence.
I was reminded of your face,
your spruce that was so imminent.

Just as the stars we were everlasting:
the kindred spirits of the moon.
Them with their beauty catching,
them with their songs in tune.

You grinned up at me years ago,
as we admired the lights in the sky.
I remember the way you held me close,
the way I couldn't say goodbye.

But that was then, and this is now,
all but just a memory.
The nostalgia hit me like a train,
a train that was lost in remembering.

As I sit now, the recollection haunting me,
I long to heal your scars.
But peace is with me, you see,
for I know you are with the stars.

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