With Time

With tears streaming down my face
and a heart filled with pain, I can't erase
I miss your warm embrace
just to know that you still care, that you know I'm still
I think about you everyday
Trying to keep what little memories I have of us from being erased
I pray for you
that you're listening to God and your path be made straight
you see, I've stumbled
Like I really fell
Fell so hard at times I thought I'd never get up but somehow, I did
after the constant empty promises and dealing with a broken heart
I've realized
that it's not my fault
You're missing out on beautiful me
no I do not hate you, or curse your name
you've actually taught me a lot, through the pain
I've started a blog for girls like me
hoping to set some lost soul free
are you proud of me? do you miss me at all?
there was a point in time where I blamed you for my downfall
where I felt alone and unloved in the world but
right here, on this stage
is where I leave all my thoughts of heartache and pain
to go on with my life with joy in my heart
I miss you and I wish you could see me now but
time will heal all and I'm giving you that time because all in all
I love you Daddy

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