With You

Every second spent with you is a paused time period
Nothing else matters but the grip of your hand on mine
Every second with you is a surreal perfect dream

Looking deep into your brown eyes as your iris
expands spins me into vortex of pleasure
Your smile is so beautiful I'm forced to smile back
and reminisce on the things we do
Looking at my reflection in your eyes feels like
nothing else in the universe matters
Everything in my life is going wrong
until you hold me tight

Short and sweet is how you act around me alone
The love overrides the physical meaning of our friendship
The perplex fact of you knowing intense
secrets about me blows my mind

Your body is so addicting when
I'm near you it gives me insomnia
Your body next to mine is an indescribable sensation of joy
Closing your eyes to see nothingness of black is
how my days were before you were mine
Seeing black reminds me of why there's a smile on my face

Love is never ending and I wouldn't be able to draw you a picture
Friendship creates love
to be engraved in our hearts
In my head your initials will forever be branded

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